Wüsthof 7249 knife block thermo beech for 6 pieces

Wüsthof 7249 knife block thermo beech for 6 pieces
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Magnetic thermo beech knife block. The warm, dark tones of the block and its striking structure make it the most desirable design object for any kitchen. 6 knives with long or short blades can be stored within easy reach in the slots provided. The blades are kept firmly in position by magnetic strips fitted into the wood.The knife block can be attached to the wall either horizontally or vertically. Knives are not included.

Heat treatment of beech wood This product has been treeated in an extremly simple, natually sustainable method toprect the wood fromthe effects of the environnment. Wood embellished by this gentle heat treatment takes on a higher dimensional stability and is practically non-susceptible to water, completely impregnated - totally without any coating. The wood is "baked" at the moderate tempetratures of between 180° and 220°C. This alters its structure and gives it a beautiful dark brown tone. It bcomes more rigid an durable and no longer takes in water.In thios state, thermo-wood is distorted only to an minmal degreeand does not swell or shrink, and is resistant to fungi. The wood feels n looks good, initally retaining a slight scent of smoke,and it dries much faster than natural timbers. Care requirement: Please consider that the oil treated wood might initiakky bleed! Use paper tissues to rub the surface dry. The heat treatment reduces the care requirtements. We recommend to oil the product every now and then using regular edible oil.


Wüsthof 7249 knife block thermo beech for 6 pieces

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