KAI Shun Shi Hou BZ-0026 Shi Hou 3 limited Edition

KAI Shun Shi Hou BZ-0026 Shi Hou 3 limited Edition
13.500,00 EUR
ACHTUNG: Aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen darf das KAI Shun Premier Jubiläumsmesser TDM-1717 nicht von Onlineshops vertrieben bzw. zum Verkauf angeboten werden.


In 2014, kai introduces another exclusive and limited knife of unconditional quality and classic design. Limited to 200 pieces, the manufacturer of Japanese blades replenishes its premium series with the new Shi Hou 3.

Handmade by following the ancient Samurai tradition, the Shi Hou 3 is a masterpiece of its class, which combines high-quality material with the highest standards of manufacturing of the over a 100 years old tradition of kai knives. The fine merging of design and function make it a perfect knife: Wood inlays of stainless steel are inserted into the hilt of black Micarta, a material which is due to its workmanship very dense, resistant and easy to grip. The precise and sharp blade of the Shi Hou 3 is the accomplished combination of two blades of traditional Japanese blades: Its slightly curved body and the markedly bevelled blade tip are typical features of the Tanto blade; however, the long, sabre-like sweep and the hilt, shaped like the streaming form of the blade, remind you of the Katana, the classic Samurai sword.

Besides its functional form, the Shi Hou 3 stands out for its high-quality material: A 64-layers-blade of non-corrosive damask steel with a degree of hardness of 64 +/- HRC gives the knife robustness and ultimate sharpness.


KAI Shun Shi Hou BZ-0026 Shi Hou 3 limited Edition

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